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Adult & Pediatric Dentistry

As a dental practice, we believe in the importance of lifelong preventative care. The goal of our hygiene program is to ensure that every one of our patients is provided with the knowledge to maintain excellent oral health from childhood through adulthood.

We provide a full range of dental services, including:

 ViziLite Oral Cancer Screening

ViziLite helps healthcare professionals identify, evaluate, monitor and marks abnormal oral lesions.

 Intra-oral Camera Imaging

Intra-oral imaging provides both dentist and patient with high quality, easy to read oral images.

 Intra-oral Digital X-rays (Reduces Radiation by Over 70%)

Excellent x-ray image quality and low radiation doses make intra-oral x-rays the preferred x-ray technique for dentists and patients alike.

 Panorex, Cephalometric & TMJ Radiography

The most advanced radiography techniques provide us with the most accurate diagnosis.

 Ultrasonic & Prophyjet Cleanings

Polish enamel and “power away” even the heaviest calculus deposits while providing exceptional comfort.

 One-Visit Root Canal Treatments

Root canal procedures are vital for treating infections and inflammations at the root of teeth. Normally taking multiple visits to the dentist, we provide the full treatment in one visit.


Orthodontic intervention is critical for many patients. 


We provide a wide range of options, from classic metal braces to ceramic with different colour options.

 TM Joint Splint Therapy

Have jaw pain or clenching problems? You might need a TMJ Splint. TMJ splints keep your teeth slightly apart, which helps take the pressure off of the joints of your jaw and the muscles surrounding the joints. 

 Night Guards

Night guards help patients deal with teeth grinding during their sleeping hours. Grinding teeth or clenching your jaw results in a sore jaw and worn down enamel.

 Invisalign & Teen-Invisalign Braces 

Invisalign braces are custom made to fit your teeth snugly, so that they are virtually invisible. We create a custom treatment plan to gently shift your teeth into place by replacing your aligner every week.


Most often used as the last phase of orthodontic treatment, retainers ensure that teeth stay in place after braces have been taken off. Our retainers are comfortable, unnoticeable to the eye, and can be worn all day or only during the night.

 Space Maintainers

Space maintainers can be essential to allow for the growth of permanent teeth after your child's baby teeth have fallen out. If a space is not maintained for permanent teeth to emerge, orthodontic treatment may be required in the future. In this way, space maintainers are a preventative measure that can save money in the future.

 Athletic Mouth Guards

A custom made athletic mouth guard is far superior to store bought guards. The snug fit made from a mold guarantees maximum protection and comfort.

 Snoring & Sleep Appliances

Our oral appliance therapy is designed to help with sleep apnea and snoring by ensuring an open airway while sleeping.

 Habit Appliances for Young Children

It can be hard to kick the thumb sucking habit, but a simple appliance can make it a whole lot easier. Prolonged thumb sucking can lead to misaligned teeth and other orthodontic issues later on in life. Our appliance is designed to block your child's thumb from touching the top of his or her mouth, deterring the activity by removing the source of gratification.

Endodontic & Periodontic Therapy

Keeping your gums healthy is just as important as your teeth. We offer treatments to fight and prevent gum disease. Treatment of gum disease may improve the control of diabetes and heart disease.

We provide a full range of periodontal services, including:

 Laser/Atridox/Surgical Gum Therapy

We provide our patients with surgical and non-surgical gum therapy options, depending on their health background and personal needs. Laser gum therapy instantly removes unwanted gum tissue with minimal discomfort to the patient, while Atridox gel is applied over the infected area to deliver the antibiotic over a period of time.

 3D CBCT Guided Implant Surgery & Bone Grafting

3D CBCT allows us to create 3D x-ray images of your jaw, giving us a complete visualization of both erupted and non-erupted teeth, tooth root orientation, and jaw structure that conventional 2D radiographs cannot provide.

 Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment is the best option for dealing with cavities that are close to the root. Depending on the severity of decay and infection, root canal therapy is a guaranteed cure for unbearable pain. Have a toothache? Don't wait for it to get worse!

 Crowns, Bridges, Dentures Secured By Implants

Dental implants are the best option for artificial teeth. Unlike conventional dentures, implants are fully integrated into the jawbone to replicate natural teeth. 

Cosmetic Dentistry

Look your best with the following services:

 Smile Makeovers & Veneers

Dental veneers can give you with a perfect, natural looking smile. Veneers are excellent options for patients with worn down, chipped, or discolored teeth.

 Crowns & Bridges

Crowns and bridges are used for more than just their aesthetic appeal. Crowns and bridges can repair misshapen teeth, correct a misaligned bite, cover exposed nerves, and more.

 Teeth Whitening

We offer multiple teeth whitening options, suitable for both surface stains and deeper whitening. 

 Fresh Breath Treatment

There are many possible causes of halitosis (chronic bad breath). We will expertly diagnose the source of your halitosis and provide treatment specific to your needs.

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